Types of Drones

  1. Quadcopter: A popular type of drone with four rotors, arranged in a square configuration.
  2. Hexacopter: Similar to a quadcopter, but with six rotors.
  3. Octocopter: A drone with eight rotors, providing increased stability and lifting capacity.
  4. Fixed-Wing Drone: These look more like traditional airplanes, with wings and a single propeller for propulsion.
  5. FPV Racing Drone: Small and agile drones designed specifically for first-person-view (FPV) racing, often with streamlined designs.
  6. Camera Drone: Drones equipped with high-quality cameras for aerial photography and videography.
  7. Mini Drone: Compact and lightweight drones, suitable for indoor use or beginners.
  8. Long-Range Drone: Drones designed for extended flight distances, often used for aerial surveying or inspection.
  9. Agricultural Drone: Specialized drones equipped with sensors for monitoring crops and spraying pesticides or fertilizers.
  10. DIY/Custom Drones: Many enthusiasts build their own drones, often with unique designs and features tailored to their specific needs or preferences.

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