CAA Registration Stickers

UK drone pilots had until the end of November 2019 to register their details with the Civil Aviation Authority, from then on you must take the test and you will instantly get your Operators ID if you pass, you can retake the free test as often as you like.

If you already have your Operator Registration ID you can order your weatherproof sticker labels here, they cost £4.95 including Postage just type your Operator ID number in the box below above then click on the "Buy Now" button and you can use Paypal or your debit/credit card.  

If you would like 2 of your stickers to be FLYER stickers then please use the button at the bottom of the page where you can also enter your Flyer ID Number to fix to your transmitter or transmitter box: 

Operators ID Number

The mandatory requirement to register covers owners of drones or model aircraft of any description weighing more than 250g (8.8oz). Owners of unregistered drones could then face the threat of a fine of £1000.00

Also, the CAA is starting a service to reunite owners with their lost drones or aircraft.

25% of owners, now known as operators, have lost a drone at some point, figures from the CAA .

Drones & aircraft mainly go missing because of malfunctions in flight. The main one being loss of battery power, loss of signal or technical failures.

But 25% of losses are due to pilot error.

CAA spokesman Jonathan Nicholson said: "Our aim is for the Drones Reunited platform to become an essential service for the drone community - the first port of call for anyone who has lost, or found, a drone."

The CAA have said, anyone who registered their drone would get free access to the service, which issues each device with a unique identification code.

Registration stickers or labels for Radio Controlled Drones & Aircraft

Once you have passed your online theory test you will be issued with a Operator's Registration Number which must be displayed on every aircraft that you own and fly that weighs more then 250g including battery etc.

If you are renewing, you may have been given the new numbers which start GBR-OP- which have a total of 19 characters as opposed to the previous 10, please note that this will make the labels wider as the characters still have to be over 3mm tall.

12 Stickers will be supplied with Black Text on a White background. The cost is £4.95 inc postage and packing. The stickers will be posted to your Paypal registered address or your Billing address if you pay by debit or credit card. Please note: it is the Operators Number and NOT the Flyers Number that goes on your aircraft. You can order your Drone registration stickers here:

Operators ID Number

If you would like 2 of your labels to be Flyer ID's, please use this Buy Button below...

Operators ID Number
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