CAA Rules for the UK

The rules for flying radio-controlled (RC) models in the UK are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) under the Air Navigation Order (ANO). As of my last update, here are some key regulations for flying RC models in the UK:

  1. Registration: Operators of drones or model aircraft that weigh more than 250 grams must register with the CAA and obtain an Operator ID.
  2. Competence: Operators must demonstrate a level of competence appropriate to the type of operation they intend to conduct. This may involve passing a competency test.
  3. Safety: Operators must ensure that their operations do not endanger any person or property.
  4. Visual Line of Sight (VLOS): Operators must maintain a visual line of sight with their drone or model aircraft at all times during flight.
  5. Altitude: Drones and model aircraft must not be flown above 400 feet (120 meters) above ground level, unless specific permission is obtained from the CAA.
  6. Restricted Areas: It’s prohibited to fly drones or model aircraft in certain restricted areas such as airports, military installations, and other sensitive locations.
  7. Proximity to People and Property: Operators must not fly their drones or model aircraft within 150 meters of congested areas, and 50 meters of people, vessels, vehicles, and structures not under the control of the operator.
  8. Not over Crowds: It’s prohibited to fly drones or model aircraft over gatherings of people (except for those under the control of the operator), or within 150 meters of an organized open-air assembly of more than 1,000 people.
  9. Avoiding collisions: Operators must avoid collisions with manned aircraft at all times. Drones or model aircraft must give way to manned aircraft.

These rules are subject to change, so it’s important to regularly check the CAA website or other official sources for the most up-to-date regulations. Additionally, specific local regulations or airspace restrictions may apply in certain areas, so it’s crucial to be aware of these before flying.

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